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serious Latency of PSI Secure Browser especially the remote-desktop inside it

a bit rescue measures for the lag of PSI Secure Browser :
1.swith gui-remote-desktop inside the PSI Secure Browser back to the tiny tmux.
2.develop the psi secure browser loading and searching resources function just like it loading the test paper content on the left side ,make the psi secure browser more like a browser just cost candidate's local machine resource
3.make The PSI Secure Browser itself's Notepad in top right corner can copy&paste between the notepad and tmux.


  • xcoin
    xcoin Posts: 10

    command-line control cost much less bandwidth
    shareing desktop, live monitoring streaming,combine with browser with a gui-remote-desktop inside,what a disaster combination

  • xcoin
    xcoin Posts: 10

    the experience of the reomote-desktop inside the psi browser much worse,unstable,unreachable than my vps just have 1 core cpu 1g ram which locate Los Angeles just cost me 10$/year.
    my vps which i also install gui-desktop accessed much more smoothly.
    i wonder why the reomote-desktop inside the psi browser experienced so terrible.
    does the psi browser like a double layers vnc tool,the psi browser itself is the first layer vnc,the remote-desktop inside it is throughing another layer vnc ?

  • xcoin
    xcoin Posts: 10

    “This is the 2nd time that you have experienced latency issues with your network connection. ”
    i open ticket at jira.linuxfoundation.org where i was dealed with such attitude response,throw the problem back to the candidate,when i asked the exam server ip to test myself they told me they don't know?
    what logistic it is? they can know my network connection,but don't know their ip,how i connect to the platform not by ip or domain but by air?

    let me tell you “This is the 2nd time that i experience totally two different kind experience under the same so-called psi-sercure-browser,
    during my examination the test paper contents pages on the left side inside the so-called psi-sercure-browser loaded and accessed normally,
    but on the right side ,the gui-remote-desk’s lag is serious,
    why there was totaly two kinds different experience inside the so-called psi-secure-browser at the same time.

  • xcoin
    xcoin Posts: 10

    at July 26, 2022 - 04:30AM, Asia/Shanghai the gui-remote-desktop seems much better than last two times that just stucked with serious latency, i wonder is that i picked the right period when bandwitch good enough after most slept or the platform had took some measures to make it better?
    but the browser in the gui-remote-desktop inside psi browser responsed just like a gui-remote-desktop-browser as smoothly as my vps just have 1 core cpu 1g ram which locate Los Angeles just cost me 10$/year,
    but still not that good like before, cann't compare with a local browser.

    anyway i passed cks with a just passing score , i didn't finished three questions as taking exam at a gui-remote-desktop under a double layer vnc with latency caused time out,
    i took it with a nearly frustrated heart after several times serious latency experience, took exam with hands shaking when i should be in deep sleeping yestoday.

    as a honourable representation,unique leader organization of Freedom software deal such obvious problem with such attitude,Somehow really disappointed and surprised me.

  • xcoin
    xcoin Posts: 10

    God bless

  • Congrats on Achieving your CKS Certification.
    We will respond on your Customer Support ticket. Thanks.

  • bush_dav
    bush_dav Posts: 1

    I shifted from a 10MBps to 50MBps bandwidth , and still latency came at its best , I wonder what PSI is taking out of this .

  • Hi, I recently took twice the cka exam, the first time I had also problems and found it very slow but the second time I tried reducing the screen resolution from 4K to 2560x1600 and reduced the font size (Ctrl -) in two terminal sessions on the left and in firefox (Ctrl wheel) on the right side of the PSI remote desktop and it was way better experience.
    This way I had no need to alt+tab and less window refresh in remote desktop session.
    I think big monitor + reducing resolution + small fonts helps to set a decent workspace.
    With 4K resolution I found also a big blank portion of the lower screen inside PSI (maybe a way of PSI to reduce latency reducing the number of pixel to send), instead in 2560x1600 there was no blank areas inside PSI.


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