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New to Linux don't have any experience whats a great way to start?


Hi so I've had a look on the course requirements they suggest that C Shell would be a benefit. Ideally I came here because I wanted to do a Kubernetes program but that recommended me to learn Linux my whole scope and objective is to retrain myself up obtain relevant certificates to become a Devops Engineer, any recommendations?


  • zyraj
    zyraj Posts: 3

    Anywhere but here mate, but tecmint.com has a lot of great tutorials and guides and they even sell a very complete e-book that covers almost everything you may need for the certifications, and there's also a video course by Pearson that goes for $299 which I haven't seen complete but looks very promising, finally I would recommend pluralsight.com where they have great video tutorials and even though it's not free they usually have great offers!


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