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problems during CKAD exam and PSI bridge on Debian OS


Hi LF Team,

I'm currently not sure to include this in which category but below is my issue

I had scheduled a CKAD exam on 11-July-2022 12:00 PM and the exams have been migrated to PSI bridge. The PSI bridge never installs on the Linux platform even-though the system checks on Linux foundation portal says your system checks pass, System checks on the PSI portal also states that your checks have passed. When I download and click the PSI browser nothing happens on the Linux. The candidate handbook does not mention how to sort this issue and also I wasted 2 hours on the examination day had a terrible experience after examination is started there is no chat help or support before you launch the PSI browsers . I had borrowed a windows 10 machine on which PSI bridge was installed and the session kept dropping and PSI bridge kept crashing and once PSI was up the Kubernetes environment crashed the examiner called the technical team to support wasted more than half hour there was no way to access the CKAD document on the PSI browser as it was stuck completely as per rule we should be able to access the CKAD doc to copy the YAML at least and implement it but no options. We had paid such a high price efforts of 6-12 months with the hope of getting the certification and this is the pathetic result of not getting a chance to even attempt the exam. I’m not happy with the resolution given on the ticket

My examination schedule has been reset and PSI bridge is not getting installed still on what basis will I schedule the exam again as PSI bridge is not getting installed on Debian OS 10 have checked all the compatibility checks have searched everywhere for the resolution and no leads to it this PSI bridge is of the previous exam I had attempt to install nothing happens. The PSI bridge normally gets installed only when the we login to exam until then we do not know what all issues would be faced even to procure a new laptop with MAC, Windows 11 there is no guarantee that this would work as expected or time would be invested in troubleshooting issues . Previously I had taken the attempt in January 2022 on Vivaldi browser which was far better off and I had a session drop issue the examiner involved the technical team in middle of an exam to check and I had lost 40 minutes during the exam however I got a score of 65% almost passed to get the certificated you could have re-evaluated and given my certificate instead of resetting this exam. Its hard to find the exam schedule, In between could not schedule the exam due to PSI bridge migration. I had taken 6 months of hard preparation and now the PSI bridge is pathetic not able to even attempt my certificate exam and my purchase expires on 18-August-2022 and I have almost lost out on this CKAD investing $375 because of pathetic environmental issues . I request you to give a better resolution on this raising the ticket again


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  • bhaven41
    bhaven41 Posts: 1

    Hi Shriram,

    I had similar experience a few days ago with CKAD exam.
    The remote connection kept giving error, they brought in tech support and finally the entire session was crashed. I just got a ticket number and I am told to wait 4-5 working days while they are investigating. I am yet to hear anything back from them.

    Looks like the new PSI bridge system is not stable.

    • Bhaven
  • adityysharma

    I faced the same issue today when the PSI browser didn't load on my laptop when it had passed all the system requirements check. When I used another laptop, the browser launched after multiple sessions with the tech support, however it kept on crashing every two minutes. Overall, I wasted 6 hours in total, checked in for exam about 3 times, launched it once before I reached out to tech support and had three remote desktop sessions with separate tech representatives without being able to get this resolved. Now the portal shows that my exam is being graded.
    Now the question is that even if I retake the exam, how will I fix the issues with the browser because nobody has told me the root cause yet.

  • MichaelChapoco

    What have been your solution to this? Did your tickets been resolved and you can take the exam again?

  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,966

    Hi @MichaelChapoco

    All tickets opened with the Linux Foundation Customer Support team are addressed in the order they are received. Response time can take several business days (no weekends or holidays).




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