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Lab 5.1 LFS211 root password permission denied


when I try to log in
ssh root@local host
It tells me the root password I am entering is the wrong one - and I know it is the correct root password because I use it for sudo. Please help


  • ibraheem
    ibraheem Posts: 1

    When we type sudo it will ask for the user password who is using sudo, not the root password and if that user has the privilege to run sudo, the command will run. So I think you're typing the root password wrong

  • lee42x
    lee42x Posts: 380

    In the very beginning of exercise 5.1 it mentions to check the value of the parameter "PermitRootLogin" in /etc/sshd_config is set to "yes". This allows root to ssh into the server, otherwise "root" will never be allowed to login.


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