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Lab 4.1 Examining Signal Priorities and Execution - How much C-lang do I need??


I'm quite comfortable with almost all the other lessons for the LFS201 e-learning, I am however concerned, that my lack of knowledge of C could be an issue? I'm comfortable with most unix tools such as sed and basic bash scripting for administration etc.

I'm aware the signals.c file involves system calls and tries to adhere to POSIX compliance with some of the libraries involved such as unistd.h libary for accessing the POSIX API and the pthread.h library for POSIX threads?

Would love to know what is expected, thanks for reading.


  • ryanconsidine

    This was posted here by mistake, and was mean't for LFS201. Unfortunately it doesn't seem there's a way to delete my post!

  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    You do not need to know C at all. The source code is given along with instructions on how to compile and run it. Looking at the code is "extra credit". It is just to demonstrate what happens when signals pile up before being handled and in what order they are run, plus the difference between "real time signals" and the older ones.


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