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Want to know Exam schedule procedure and their guidelines

kuldeep.narvekar Posts: 10
edited July 2022 in LFD272 Class Forum

Did I have to schedule the exam some days before I give the exam? Is there any specific time limit to schedule the exam? or can I schedule it whenever I required it ?

Can I know the guidelines for the exam? Can I open a new tab with Linux blockchain training(lfd272) link which consist of study material while giving the exam? Can I open a new tab consisting of hyperledger fabric github link (https://github.com/hyperledger/fabric-samples) while giving the exam?
Can I open notepad while giving the exam?


  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,904

    Hi @kuldeep.narvekar

    The CHFD exam has been discontinued as of June 30th 2022, and you can no longer take it.

    For any additional exam-related questions, please open a ticket at trainingsupport.linuxfoundation.org and the Customer Support team will assist you.



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