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PSI Secure browser issue

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I had appeared in CHFA exam on 19th Jun 2022. Copy and Paste was not working in my entire exam session. I asked for help with the proctor after that he called technical support person to address my issue but my issue was not resolved during my exam session. I was able to copy text from PSA browser and paste the data in Terminal emulator but when I was trying to paste the same data on notepad, it was not working. similarly, when I was trying to copy arguments such as path of execution, peer name , orderer name etc. from question where copy option was there, I was not able to copy the arguments from question to paste the data on Terminal emulator or Notepad, the data was not getting copied. Also when I was trying to Copy data from Notepad to Terminal emulator it was also not working. only copy between browser and Terminal emulator was working. When I had appeared for my first attempt of CHFA exam, the exam environment was different and PSA secure browser was not used at that time. In that exam copy paste was working perfect. I was able to copy data from browser to notepad, data from question to Notepad and after crafting the command I was able to copy and paste the required command from Notepad to terminal to execute the command. But since this new PSI secure browser is introduced I am facing this issue


  • fcioanca
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    Hi @winjit ,

    We are sorry to hear you have experienced issues with the exam. If you have not done so, please open a ticket with the Linux Foundation Customer Support team at trainingsupport.linuxfoundation.org. All exam-related issues should be directed to them, as the forums are exclusively dedicated to course content.

    The Linux Foundation Training Team

  • hello fcioanca, kindly do we have solution for above? I have also faced same issue .. please do suport further or provide me solution link

  • fcioanca
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    Hi @ericeravmoc

    If you have not done so already please open a ticket with the Linux Foundation Customer Support team at trainingsupport.linuxfoundation.org and they will assist you. Forums are for course content questions only.



  • yes, raised ticket and hoping exam will be re-scheduled .. but i really doubt if customer support team clarify how copy and paste works/supported. this issue is common appeared only post PSI browser introduced. earlier we don't have PSI and copy and paste was working perfectly fine on 1st attempt.
    Now recently PSI is introduced and this problem appearing .. i m trying to google and search all forums and cant find solution.. please suggest if we have any solutions and thnaks

  • torre
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    I'm commenting on this because I hope knowing about this going into the exams will help people stay calm and work around the issues with the platform and get the best score they can. The test content is very good and if you have practiced and studied using the killer.sh environment you should have all the knowledge you need to pass.

    Sadly the information in the referenced document is incorrect ( https://docs.linuxfoundation.org/tc-docs/certification/tips-cka-and-ckad#exam-technical-instructions )

    I have already filed tickets about this and I know others have as well.

    Item 6, which specifically details cut and past behavior was not correct either time I took exams this month
    (OR Use the Right Click Context Menu and select Copy or Paste). This has been mentioned on reddit for several months and also on the LF slack channels.

    This cannot work, because right mouse click is disabled by the PSI secure browser.

    Copying from the instruction panel into anything in the remote desktop (terminal window or notepad) works about 50% of the time. It never worked when I pressed the 'copy' button that was part of the instructions. PSI tech support indicated to me that this is intentional (he argued that I was not supposed to copy anything from the exam instructions into the exam windows).

    Copying does work reliably within the remote desktop, from Firefox browser to terminal window (Just don't expect right mouse click to work. Use the Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V in the browser and Ctrl+Shift+C/Ctrl+Shift+V in the terminal.

    Everything went much smoother for me once I got used to those problems (it was faster to just retype everything from the instructions, when needed. Just double check for typos).

    Maybe it works great on Windows or OSX, but everyone I know who has taken exams using linux in the last few months comments on the same issues.

    It's also possible that these issues get fixed and then there are regressions when new versions get pushed out by PSI.

    It's important to file a ticket if you have issues with the PSI environment even if you pass the exam so that the Linux Foundation will know that there are still issues that need to be addressed.


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