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Lab 9.2


I don't understand this task. I have a local setup with one CP and one Worker Node. Lab 9.1 is successfully installed. Now i have problems with Lab 9.2.

`[user@k8s-master-01 ~]$ kubectl -n accounting describe services

Name: service-lab
Namespace: accounting
Labels: system=secondary
Selector: system=secondary
Type: NodePort
IP Family Policy: SingleStack
IP Families: IPv4
Port: 8080/TCP
TargetPort: 8080/TCP
NodePort: 30977/TCP
Session Affinity: None
External Traffic Policy: Cluster
Events: `

`[user@k8s-master-01 ~]$kubectl cluster-info

Kubernetes control plane is running at https://k8s-endpoint.example.org:6443
CoreDNS is running at https://k8s-endpoint.example.org:6443/api/v1/namespaces/kube-system/services/kube-dns:dns/proxy`

`user@k8s-master-01 ~]$ curl https://k8s-endpoint.example.org:30977

curl: (7) Failed to connect to k8s-endpoint.example.org port 30977: Connection refused`

`user@k8s-master-01 ~]$ curl

curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 30977: Connection refused`

It is same when i am on the worker node. I have no open port 30977 on both nodes. I checked that with 'netstat'

So i have done the same on an eks to check this in a fast way. The result is same.

Something went wrong here, do i need a load balancer. Or is there something else missing that the learners should find out for themselves? In other labs I had the impression a few times that you were installing something like that, I can't find the problem here.



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