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Chapter 10 - Helm - Some proposed corrections and improvements in Lecture and Labs

  1. (Lecture) Opening video talks about Tiller, which is not being used anymore, and certainly not used in this course.
    In a later page (titled Helm v3), there is an explanation about Tiller. Tiller is deprecated in Helm v3.
    Update the video (if feasible). Explanation could stay as additional info.

  2. (Lab) Ex. 10.1, Working with Helm and Charts. Overview.

    2a. "Local agents like Tiller use the API to create objects on your behalf."
    NOT anymore, starting with v3. We are using Helm v3 (Helm v3.8.0).
    Delete outdated text for clarity (avoid confusion).

    2b. "Once installed we will deploy a Chart, which will configure MariaDB on our cluster."
    There is NO configuration of MariaDB on Lab 10 (or any other Lab) in this course as of LFS258 - Lab Exercises (3.22.2022).
    Delete incorrect statement.

  3. (Lab) Ex. 10.1, Steps 15, 16 Change prompt from "student@cp:~" to "student@cp:~/apache"
    (3 instances)

These are just some of my suggestions. If you have anything else on this Chaper 10 (Helm), or just want to comment on the above or additional ones, please add to this thread. I will add other threads, including related to other Chapters, later. Lets confirm them all.




  • leopastorsdg

    In 3) above, I missed the "$" at the end when posting. Prompts are (now) "student@cp:~$" and (should be) "student@cp:~apache$"


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