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Web browser gets Apache splash page, not emojivoto for Lab 4.1

I am running on a VirtualBox VM in Ubuntu 20.04. For Lab 4.1, when I go through the vanilla install and bring up the browser on the VM address, it brings up the Apache2 splash page and not the emojivoto page. Since I don't recall installing Apache2, I assume it was installed when I installed kind. I disables the apache2.service using sysctl but then I just get an "Unable to connect" page from Firefox.

Anybody got any idea what's wrong? Do I need to install metallb?



  • So it seems that the Ambassador install won't work in a local cluster. My cluster is installed on my laptop. I think I need to install metallb.

  • I have been unable to get Lab 4.1 and 4.2 to work and have given up. :-(

    You can be sure I will NOT recommend this course to anyone!

  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 2,012

    Hi @JamesKempf,

    Prior to deploying the emoji vote application was your node in a ready state? More precisely, were all control plane pods in running state?


  • Chris,

    The cluster was in the ready state. The Ambassdor pods were ready. I was unable to get the emojivoto app up on the VM address. I tried installing metallb, but that didn't work either. The problem with the Apache splash page is a red herring, Apache was running on port 80 of my VM address but I could not get anything to work after disabling it.

    I think there is something wrong with the course material, some kind of version skew. After Lab 4.1 failed to install, I continued on and could not get any of the other labs installed either. The only one that installed were 5.4-5.6, installing and configuring Istio. All the other labs errored out during the installation.

    I filed a complete bug report in my comments to the course, with the error messages and where they occured.



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