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Lab 8: Needed to disable docker-compose v2 to make it working

I'm referring to video content, chapter 10 "Continuous Delivery to DEV with docker compose"
Video "Writing a Simple Compose Spec with Three Services"
In PDF "Lab 8. Deploy to Dev with Docker Compose"

After building docker-compose file I was getting below error:

(root) Additional property worker is not allowed


(root) Additional property result is not allowed

Solution / Workaround
Referring to this StackOverflow post, I found my docker-compose version is 2.5.1 and Disabling docker-compose v2 solved the issue

docker-compose disable-v2


  • gouravshah
    gouravshah Posts: 139

    @ashraf.fouad thanks for reporting. Yes, I did notice this with my recent training sessions that v1 is no more supported by default and needs this step to disable v2. I would update the instructions accordingly.


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