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[reboot fail] couldn't find suitable memory target



after successfully compiling and installing the kernel sources on the latest Ubuntu desktop version on real hardware, i have the error on boot "couldn't find a suitable memory target".
I followed the steps in the course to create the initial ".config" copying from "/boot/config-*-generic" and "yes" to all the questions about the new kernel configurations proposed before starting the build.

Doing a search it seems that the error is due to an excessive size of initrd.img- * lastest-kernel-ver * and that unnecessary modules should not be included.
It's correct?
I did not find any reference to this part in the course material.

What is the best way to solve this problem?



  • ShuahKhanLF
    ShuahKhanLF Posts: 149

    There is no need to say "yes" to all new kernel config options. Pick safe defaults by pressing enter - build and see if that helps. Also make sure to run "make clean" prior to building


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