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Kaniko v0.6 uncompatible with https://github.com/lfs269/tekton-ci.git (sha:6865b8ee)


For those who want to try the last Kaniko version from Tekton Hub (v0.6) note:

  • that the value type for EXTRA_ARGS changed to an array
  • other changes listed in the changelog makes the last task 'verify-digest' breaking the pipeline (my removing this task I was able to publish to the docker registry). Bizarrely, I had no longer any log from tekton

Note I was able to use the last git clone taskk from Tekton Hub and complete the section by using the kaniko 0.3 indicated in the lab guide.




  • gouravshah
    gouravshah Posts: 139

    @bauger thanks for reporting the change of type. Will test and update the instructions.


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