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Bug: double applications for Linux kernel Bug Fixing Summer 2022

avinok Posts: 2

doubled tasks

For anyone trying to apply for three mentorships this summer term be aware that you can accidentally apply two times for one mentorship. I already submitted this bug to their jira tracker. Why double application because at the image above you can see I have double or triple the tasks needed to be completed.

Double because I cannot apply for a 3rd position. So the system thinks I have already applied for 3 but in reality only 2.


  • ShuahKhanLF
    ShuahKhanLF Posts: 146

    Please submit bug using Help/Support menu

  • avinok
    avinok Posts: 2
    edited May 2022

    @ShuahKhanLF said:
    Please submit bug using Help/Support menu

    Already did, additionally I wanted to ask you where should I submit a proposal to put change the upload format for the tasks and add the timezone to all dates? because right now it is may 19 and I saw deadline on all the tasks as may 18, so I withdrawn my application yesterday because kernel-mainline was not building on v5.18-rc* any release candidate was not building. I thought I was doing something wrong and today morning I decided to try v5.17-rc8 and everything worked out without any change and module went through too. However; today morning, again May 19th I can see that the applications are still open.

    My question is: is it too late to apply again and do the tasks? because I was stuck at module.lds not found on 5.18-rc7 problem and thought I was doing something wrong so I withdrawn.


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