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Firewall allow all


I find it a bit ironic that this is a course where we learn about security but the professor wants us to open the firewall for the whole internet without teaching people how to configure this correctly. Perhaps it is out of the scope of the course, but I just find it funny :smile:
I'm still in the beginning of the course so I can't really evaluate it yet, but so far I find it really good (except the firewall part :wink:)


  • gouravshah
    gouravshah Posts: 139

    @jonasjr yes you are right.

    However, my experience teaching devops to hundreds of thousands of working professionals tells me, if we make it restrictive, majority of the students would struggle while getting it to set up and during the labs and sometimes would give up the learning process all together when they can not figure whats going on.

    I generally use more liberal configurations and recommend to iteratively configure the security rules to be more restrictive.

    Thanks for appreciating the content.


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