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Facing issues downloading course files/exercise(Username/Password Authentication Failed.)

shrikiec Posts: 6
edited May 2022 in LFS258 Class Forum

wget https://training.linuxfoundation.org/cm/LFS258/LFS258V2022-03-22SOLUTIONS.tar.xz--user=xxxx --password=xxxx
--2022-05-01 02:38:21-- https://training.linuxfoundation.org/cm/LFS258/LFS258V2022-03-22SOLUTIONS.tar.xz--user=LFtraining
Resolving training.linuxfoundation.org (training.linuxfoundation.org)...
Connecting to training.linuxfoundation.org (training.linuxfoundation.org)||:443... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 401 Restricted

Username/Password Authentication Failed.


  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 2,113

    Hi @shrikiec,

    Please familiarize yourself with best practices around sharing passwords in public forums, and their security implications. Understanding whether it is acceptable to share sensitive information this way is critical for novices and experts in the IT field.

    There are typos in your command, causing the authentication failure. Please pay close attention to the note from the lab guide:

    Note: depending on your PDF viewer, if you are cutting and pasting the above instructions, the underscores may disappear and be replaced by spaces, so you may have to edit the command line by hand!


  • shrikiec
    shrikiec Posts: 6

    Thanks ! Understood.


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