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New lab PDFs cannot be copy/pasted


I'm beginning my exam reviews and it seems the latest versions of the lab PDFs (when downloaded) just released do not allow copy/pasting, meaning all the commands must be typed out.

Is this intentional? Can it be changed back to allow copying?

I don't believe that prevents any type of improper use and makes the labs more difficult.

Thanks for your time

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  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,961
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    Hi @jsm3031,

    There were no changes made to the labs. We have tested this morning, both copy/pasting from the lab in the course interface, and downloading the lab locally and copy/pasting - each time the test was successful. Is there something on your system preventing you to copy/paste from lab pdfs?



  • jsm3031
    jsm3031 Posts: 16

    I realized that only a couple labs changed, for the change to Ubuntu 20 and some docker setup.

    But I then also realized that its because I was selecting print > print to PDF rather than just the download button. I think this converts it to a png or something.

    Sorry for wasting your time :sweat_smile:


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