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LFS261 Written materials as an alternative to videos


Hi, Just started the course and the format is impossible for me
Question for moderators , course instructor , peers - is there a book that would help me follow this course. If not I'll probably abandon it

I do not learn well from videos I fall asleep if I look at technical videos.

On the other hand I do excellent with written material and I got certifcations after reading several thousand of pages

What should I do since this course is a collection of videos ?
Should I focus on the labs notes and complete the labs ? Is all the relevant information in the lab docs ? Some labs send the user to the video classes.

For me content via video cannot substitute a book - If I need to get to some relevant information in the middle of a book I could read a TOC , look for an index - I could skim read till I get to the relevant page, I could search a digital document. How does one do this with videos ?

Thanks in advance for your reply


  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 2,199

    Hi @arina01,

    The captions of each view are searchable - by clicking on the CC button and then "Search Video" in the captions menu. This may help to locate the desired content within a video. Otherwise only the lab exercises are available in a downloadable PDF format.


  • arina01
    arina01 Posts: 8

    Ok thanks I'm dropping from the course


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