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Lab4-1 Installing Jenkins X - IAM policy

Following the lab instruction to install Jenkins X (step 11) I encountered this error:

Error: Error applying IAM policy for service account 'projects/lfs268-348317/serviceAccounts/[email protected]': Error setting IAM policy for service account 'projects/lfs268-348317/serviceAccounts/[email protected]': googleapi: Error 400: Identity Pool does not exist (lfs268-348317.svc.id.goog). Please check that you specified a valid resource name as returned in the name attribute in the configuration API., badRequest

Can you help me narrowing my documentation research to fix this issue?




  • bauger
    bauger Posts: 39

    Sometimes after a 'terraform destroy' some Google service accounts linked to project are still running; deleting them manually fixes the issue:

    • gcloud iam service-accounts list
    • gcloud iam service-accounts delete



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