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Error Installing Crio

bhldev Posts: 2
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I have Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

When I try to install cryo I get the following error

trying to overwrite '/etc/containers/policy.json' which is also in package golang-github-containers-common

Do I need to reinstall my OS to Ubuntu 20.04.2 to do these labs? Is there no workaround?



  • bhldev
    bhldev Posts: 2

    I resolved this by installing exactly Ubuntu 20.04.02 (the docs say 20.04.01) and getting rid of 22

  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 2,165

    Hi @bhldev,

    I would recommend taking the time to read the description of the cri-o installation steps, where you can find explained the relationship between the OS=xUbuntu_20.04 and the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS guest OS currently installed on the system (assuming the guest OS installation was followed as presented in Ch 1).
    For another Ubuntu release 2x.yz, the OS variable needs to match the version 2x.yz.



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