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Stuck with crashloopbackoff lab 5.7 step 11


So I was able to get Consul deployed and add the annotation for injections... I was a little befuddled that I couldn't seem to get the annotations right manually but the sed command with vertical bars actually seems to work if i redirect to a file then apply it (so I stuck with that).

I am, however, stuck with the votebot deployment... the other deployments get the injection just fine, but votebot stalls and ends up in a state of 'crashloopbackoff' after a few tries. Nothing sticks out looking at the events for the pod, there are no clear errors pointing to a specific issue.

Also, I only get one extra pod... the lab says I should get 2 additional pods (consul-connect-sidecar-proxy and the consul-connect-lifecycle-sidecar) for a total of 3 pods.

What am I missing?...



  • Irvnet
    Irvnet Posts: 8

    Hey @chrispokorni any suggestions?


  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 2,190

    Hi @Irvnet,

    The two "extra pods" should in fact be "extra containers" because they are sidecar containers injected in each pod by the service mesh, increasing the number of containers from 1 to 3 in each pod.

    Can you provide the events of the pod displaying the status error?



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