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Jenkins install Terraform

I tried to follow the steps to install jenkins HA in AWS as given in LFS267 Jenkins Essential class(https://github.com/aplimasolutions/terraform-demos) . As per AWS document, once EFS share is mounted on directory , it changes the ownership to root. In above link , the ownership of jenkins folder is given before mounting EFS share. I think that needs to change

AWS document - https://docs.aws.amazon.com/efs/latest/ug/wt1-test.html (step c)

When trying to install through terraform(wrote my own script) , jenkins folder was owned by root(after mounting EFS share). So when accessing gui , it was giving permission denied error.
Please have a look and kindly let me know if I am wrong(it will be good learning experience).


  • Hi @Ravirai ,

    1.- Can you explain how do you plan to get Jenkins in HA to work with Terraform, how you want to make them to interact, please?

    2.- About the permissions, can you provide more details about what's wrong from your perspective?


  • Hello @Ravirai ,

    Have you run into an error while using the terraform config (in the GitHub repo) to set up Jenkins HA?

    This Terraform config is fully tested, and it uses package manager installation, which automatically creates jenkins user, start-up scripts, log rotation etc.

  • Ravirai
    Ravirai Posts: 12

    Hello @luisviveropena , I followed same outline as defined in the course. It just I wrote my script to set jenkins HA in AWS. The permission issue which I faced was jenkins home directory was owned by root(not by jenkins user). As per AWS documentation , after mounting EFS share on EC2 ,its owned by root. Therefore we need to change permission to jenkins user.

    @deepika.gautam , I did not use mentioned script . I used my own script. I followed same outline as described in course. I followed same user data script as given in github code , it was not able to change the ownership of jenkins home directory to jenkins and therefore jenkins gui was failing to come up.

    I am hoping I am making clear explanation :smile:

  • luisviveropena
    luisviveropena Posts: 938

    Hi @Ravirai ,

    So you are testing the solution on Chapter 3 Jenkins High Availability on Traditional Platforms / Setting up Highly Available and Self-Healing Jenkins Controller on AWS, right?

    I can do a test case, which will take some time, but I'll get back to you with my findings.


  • luisviveropena
    luisviveropena Posts: 938

    Hi @Ravirai ,

    I was checking the documentation, and I found the instruction to make jenkins owner for the mount point. So in Chapter 3 Jenkins High Availability on Traditional Platforms / Create an Amazon Machine Image, we have the following:

    Make sure that the newly created mount is owned by Jenkins:
    $ sudo chown jenkins:jenkins /mnt/JENKINS_HOME

    Please tell me if that's what you had to do.



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