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Lab 3.2 Instruction Clarification


I've gone through this a couple of times now and I must be going too far in the instruction to "install kubernetes and docker". I'm trying to complete Lab 3.2, "Grow the Cluster".

The instructions for this lab say " connect into a your second node. Install Docker and Kubernetes software. These are the many, but not all, of the steps we did on the cp node"

Grammatical errors of that instruction aside, where am I supposed to stop in the "Install Kubernetes" instructions when I'm on the worker node, exactly? Do I just stop after kubeadm, kubectl, and kubelet are installed? Do I need to go further and configure them? Do I also install Calico on the worker node?


  • aburck
    aburck Posts: 4

    Agh nevermind. I didn't actually need to go back to the previous instruction.


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