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LFS201 - New course version now live (04.11.2022)



A new course version of LFS201 went live today. In this version, the lab exercises have been updated.

To ensure you have access to the latest updates, please clear your cache before accessing the course.

The Linux Foundation Training Team


  • ivyshih
    ivyshih Posts: 1

    I just got this Cloud Engineer bundle this week and tried to run the setup and all for LFS201

    I have some recommendations for this course so far:

    1. Please update the course to use vscode / docker or vagrant
    2. ready-for.sh needs some updates. vanilla OS install doesn't have packages required in the script. It requires a non root account to be setup, instead of setting one up when it's executed, it just quits script. Some required packages aren't installed, and I had to install them manually else the commands fail. I am on the new Macbook running vscode and docker extension using latest ubuntu build container. The script does not work out of the box because of the system arch. I have got everything to work except for memtestx86 (memtester was what I found ) and processor check failed.

    I haven't quite officially started the course and yet I am not feeling confident about this already :(

  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    This class has never been designed to work within a container and you probably would not be able to accomplish all missions with it although you are welcome to try. This is not a simple ask you are making, but a major investment for a class many thousands have taken without such a need.

    ready-for.sh is specificially designed to work as a non-root user and fails if you run it as root with either su or sudo, It also has a specific list of distributions, versions, and hardware and software requirements for which it is designed (and which consistently require updating) and so I'm not surprised you have problems with using it for a non-supported platform. When ready-for.sh doesn't have something it doesn't mean you will have problems as some packages it asks for are not really needed, or are there more for other courses or instructor-led situations (as the requirements are shared with LFS301). New MacBooks are also uncharted territory probably. And within the course we teach how to use apt, rpm etc, so there will certainly be times you need to sudo etc.

    You could definitely get an unproblematic setup that requires no root access on a Mac by running Virtual Box (at no cost) with a VM. But you are welcome to soldier on and you will probably be fine. Things like memtestx86 are irrelevant to anything important.

    You can use vscode if you want, but as far as for things like what editor to use (vi, emacs, nano etc or vscode) are assumed that you are comfortable with what you have. We do not care about use of Vscode or any other IDE in any of our courses as we are distribution and desktop setup agnostic and flexible as there are a lot of different preferences out there and they are pretty irrelevant virtually all the time.


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