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Problem with Ansible to upgrade CentOS 8

superpioppe Posts: 1
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I have a problem updating Centos 8 systems due to repositories. This is my task and it works on Red Hat and Almalinux:

  • name: Install the latest version of yum-utils
    become: yes
    become_method: sudo
    name: yum-utils
    state: latest
    update_cache: yes

When I run the Playbook, I get this result:

"Failed to download metadata for repo 'AppStream': Cannot download repomd.xml: Cannot download repodata / repomd.xml:"

I replaced the repositories with http://vault.centos.org/$contentdir/$releasever/AppStream/$basearch/os/ and, running the "yum update" command directly from the CentOS system it works, from the playbook it doesn't. I can't understand, can anyone help me?

The versions of Python are 3.6.8 and Ansible 2.9.27

Thanks for your help


  • raghuramg
    raghuramg Posts: 73

    Hi @superpioppe,

    We are in process of upgrading the ONAP Labs from Guilin to Istanbul and hence we're also moving from OpenStack to Kubernetes for VIM.

    In ONAP I release, OpenStack is not needed anymore. Hence, please ignore the above steps and errors. The upgraded lab will be available sometime next week. I will comment here once it is available.


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