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Lab 11.2 web-two is not nginx but httpd (wrong instructions)

On Step 13 of Lab 11.2, it mentions to change the content of the default index.html file to something else.

The instructions on the On Container section asks you to run this command:

vim /usr/share/nginx/html/index.html

Which is completely wrong, because at the beginning of the lab, the step mentions:

Create two deployments, web-one and web-two, one running nginx, the other httpd.

The correct command would be vim htdocs/index.html if you happen to use kubectl create deployment web-two --image=httpd when creating the dp.

I'm sure a lot of us who are on this course will pick this up. But a lot of us will definitely have a sanity check which could easily waste a good few minutes of your time.

Quite frankly, the whole course takes a nosedive by Chapter 9. I've given up on this chapter alone because there are way too many pitfalls and errors for me to care.


  • The lab notes specify httpd for web-two at the start of the lab rather than nginx so the instructions need updating to specify the index.html file in the web-two container under /usr/local/apache2/htdoc. After the edit, the curl commands worked to the internal and external URLs but the linkerd gui showed nothing. This final step in this lab needs a little more explanation as well as the typo correction.


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