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Lab 2b


---> in the working terminal, try to use curl a post a message to it. <---

Let me know example here pls. I cannot see the warning message.
Thank you


  • Hey Alexey,

    Please try this command:

    curl -X POST -d 'json={"lfs242":"hello from http"}' http://localhost:32767/mod2.http

  • AlexeyBY
    AlexeyBY Posts: 56

    thank you

  • joshl
    joshl Posts: 37

    it looks like this should be the correct command. it needs a slash instead of the period

    curl -X POST -d 'json={"lfs242":"hello from http"}' http://localhost:32767/mod2/http

  • Thank you for the report. I'm happy to say that updates should be coming soon.


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