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How can I resize or extend my /Home partition

FAIL: only 3 GiB free in /home/username (need at least 5 GiB) Set BUILDHOME=/path/to/disk to override $HOME!
Is the Error am experiencing.

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  • coop
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    1. You are running CentOS 7. I would recommend moving to something less ancient, such as CentOS-8-Stream if you want to stay with CentOS. We no longer directly support CentOS 7 in this class and the associated exams are only on 8 Stream or Ubuntu 20.04.
    2. You are using xfs which is perfectly fine but more complex than ext4. There is a utility called xfs_growfs which probably can be used to increase your filesystem size in place; I have never used it. But you probably first would have to increase the size of the partition and this can be a messy process.
    3. However you are using lvm so it is easier than resizing a physical partition
    4. Using LVM for /root is always a pain I avoid although Red Hat likes to do it
    5. Your hard disk has 20GB and you are only using half of it. AN easy solution is to create a new partition and format it and either do a symbolic link to it for any folder with large files, or to use a bind mount somewhere on /
    6. For LFS201 the 3 GB you have free should be more than enough space. If you have other courses you are going to use this set up for it may be inadequate
    7. I would ditch CentOS 7 and give yourself a bigger partition to begin with.


  • fredgisa
    fredgisa Posts: 3

    How can I resize or expand /home partition.

  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    To your original point, my guess is the "BUILDHOME" message is being issued fromready-for.sh LFS201 and indicates you only have 3GB free in the partition that /home/student is in. For LFS201 that is probably sufficient and it is most likely an overzealous checker. As this class usually doesn't require much disk space.

    As to your second point about how to resize /home (assuming it is on /) that cannot be answered without knowing what Linux Distribution and version and very importantly what filesystem type (ext4, xfs, btrfs, ...) as they have different methods of resize. Generally, for the most likely cases, it may be rather non-trivial and not for the inexperienced to figure out, which is why it is important to set a good partitioning scheme when you do the install.

    (setting BUILDHOME will do nothing at all for you in LFS201 and I'll talk to the author to have it issued only in the embedded development course where this is important).

    If you are on a system where /home is its own partition you might be able to do something, but once again I can't give you a one-size fits all prescription. If you really need more space, you should figure out what is taking up so much space in /home and move it elsewhere, say with a symbolic link pointing to it, either in an existing partition (such as /) or in a new partition if you have un-partitioned space.

    In short, you don't give enough information (distro, version, filesystem, output of df -hT) to give a real answer. And second it's hard to do after boot if it is the root partition especially.

  • fredgisa
    fredgisa Posts: 3

    My /home directory is on /root partition.
    Looking forward for your timely response from attached txt file.


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