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Lab 1

AlexeyBY Posts: 56
edited March 2022 in LFS242 Class Forum

I've got errors during doing Lab 1a - installing&Configuring FluentD on Linux.I use Ubuntu 20.04.

I can see -> failed to send hearbeat packet to host "" and "".

It's Ok because I don't have such addresses inside my testing environment. Let's me know a lab topology for the lab to create my testing setup and keep learning the course. Why do you use these addresses ?



  • ChristianLacsina964
    edited March 2022

    This course's labs are fully executable on a standalone Ubuntu (18.04 and 20.04) virtual machine.

    The addresses you mentioned are not used in any other part of the course, they are simply part of the generated fluent.conf file created by Fluentd when you install it, and are only used for demonstration.

    You can safely ignore the heartbeat packet host failures.

  • AlexeyBY
    AlexeyBY Posts: 56

    Thank you!


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