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Lab 16.1. | Error: Failed to start LXC network bridge setup

thebellcasa Posts: 1
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I was following Lab 16.1 instructions and as the file /etc/sysconfig/lxc-net was not present. I resorted to creating one and inputting the values as provided in the lab instruction.

However, when I run the command > sudo systemctl enable --now lxc-net

I get the following error

May I know what troubleshooting steps I can take to further resolve this?

Basic information as below
OS: CentOS Stream 8
uname -r -> 4.18.0-365.e18.x86_64
VM running on Oracle VirtualBox 6.1

ip configuration

Thanks in advance


  • lee42x
    lee42x Posts: 380

    Hi, I may be able to help. Is the VM you are using from the Linux Foundation or did you create it?
    This lab assumes that libvirt is installed which is why step 16.1.2 says to disable lxc-net. If desired, lxc-net can be used but has not been detailed in the lab.

    I hope this helps, Lee


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