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Monitoring processes with bash script


hii im new to linux scripting and i saw this question in a forum and tried to do it myself but coudent can someone help me and show me how to do it

psping [-c ###] [-t ###] [-u user-name] exe-name
Counts and echos number of live processes for a user, whose executable file is exe-name.
Repeats this every second indefinitely, unless passed other specifications using switches:
-c - limit amount of pings, e.g. -c 3. Default is infinite
-t - define alternative timeout in seconds, e.g. -t 5. Default is 1 sec
-u - define user to check process for. Default is ANY user.
thank you


  • jbalamtlf
    jbalamtlf Posts: 10

    WATCH(1) User Commands WATCH(1)

    watch - execute a program periodically, showing output fullscreen

    watch [options] command

    watch runs command repeatedly, displaying its output and errors (the
    first screenfull). This allows you to watch the program output change
    over time. By default, command is run every 2 seconds and watch will
    run until interrupted.


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