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Had problem in LAB setup.

1 week ago, Me and 2 other colleagues had signed up for LFS263 ONAP Fundamentals class.

All of us had problem in Openstack installation.

The main problems are:
1, Package repository issue in CentOS used by host and containers

Likely it was caused by "CentOS 8 reached its end-of-life on December 31st, 2021, and thus, since January 31st, 2022"

I had spent days, and moved forward a bit. If interested, please check my another thread for detail.

Unfortunately more issues coming up, I was not able to finish the installation, and gave up.

2, MySQL Root password problem
It shows up as "fatal error" in installation log.

Looks like we need a new VM image (at least for Openstack).

Since it is paid training, is anyone maintaining the images used by lab?

Please help.




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