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9.2. Configure a NodePort Issue

Test access to thenginxweb server using the combination of cp URL andNodePort.student@cp: ̃$ curl http://k8scp:321031<!DOCTYPE html>234Welcome to nginx!

This throws an error. Even though I have enabled all traffic and all previous steps ran without any error

curl http://k8scp:30385
curl: (7) Failed to connect to k8scp port 30385: Connection refused


  • joov
    joov Posts: 10

    Are you on AWS? please keep in mind to:

    • allow all traffic has to be the only rule for ingress traffic. If you have any other rules present they may be evaluated first and keep traffic from being forwarded
    • go to network interfaces -> actions and disable source / target checking

    I found this helpful.

  • You can ignore this..


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