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11.1 Linkerd deployment modified but no services visible


Linkerd was successfully installed, the deployment nginx-one is running. I successfully applied the command kubectl -n accounting get deploy nginx-one -o yaml | linkerd inject - | kubectl apply -f - and can see the meshed pods in the linkerd UI.

According to the course documentation there should be two services running: nginx-one and service-lab. But in my case no service is present. What did I miss? Can't continue course presently...


  • chrispokorni

    Hi @joov,

    The nginx-one Deployment and Service, and the service-lab Service of the accounting Namespace can be found earlier in chapter 9.

    Once re-deployed, confirm that the Deployment Pods are running, and that both Services forward traffic to the desired Endpoints.


  • joov
    joov Posts: 10

    OK thank you. I wasn't aware from the description that I had to re-create a service for the deployment. I will try this!


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