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Mac OS extension blocked installing Virtual Box

king612 Posts: 18
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I am trying to set up the VM for all the coding work on a Mac with Monterey 12.2.1. VirtualBox install complained about an extension that will be incompatible in the future. I used the security pref's to allow it. Has anybody else run into this? My machine is a 2019 MBPro so no M1 chip I don't think.

Has this caused issues for anyone during the course? (I'm just getting started)


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  • king612
    king612 Posts: 18
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    @Bobbijn Sorry, I meant how do you set it back to UNanswered? I have other issues that are not answered and remain unresolved. Apparently, anybody leaving a Common on their own issue or others automatically marks it as "Answered". Leaving a comment does not necessarily mean it is resolved, especially when fellow students are trying to help each other out. If anybody trying to help is filtering by non-Answered posts, they are missing a lot of open items that are blocking people.



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