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Lab11.1 Service Mesh-need to set proxy to allow access your viz dashboard from browser

caishaoping Posts: 29
edited February 2022 in LFS258 Class Forum

When you follow the lab steps 1-5, but still not able access your viz dashboard via web browser outside of your cluster, it is very likely that kube proxy is not setup and blocking the access.

  1. First, use curl command in your cluster to confirm that your viz dash board is up and running, with command like "curl http://localhost:31500/namespaces", where 31500 is your nodePort.

  2. Then, setup proxy with command like:kubectl proxy --address='' --accept-hosts='^*$'

  3. After this, you can try to access via dashboard from browser like: http://external ip:31500/namespaces

Reference https://stackoverflow.com/questions/39864385/how-to-access-expose-kubernetes-dashboard-service-outside-of-a-cluster



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