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Dell Latitude E5430 Display Contrast Issue

 I have a Dell Latitude E5430 laptop that had Windows 7 without

any issues with display contrast.

 After I installed AntiX 19.4 (Full version), the contrast is NOT as

good. It is OK for most displays, but I have a hard time at web sites
where I have to log in. It is hard to see the slot where I have to
enter my User ID and Password. Note: I use FireFox 78. I did
not have this issue with Windows 7.

 Adjusting the brightness (no adjustment for contrast, including BIOS) did

not improve the situation.

 Also,  I checked to see if I can download a Linux display driver (other

than what came with this OS), but did not find one.

 Any ideas?

 Thank You in advance,  John



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