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Could someone please help me understand why the ifconfig command is being discussed here; the text itself states the command is deprecated -- the man page in Red Hat/CentOS/Ubuntu also states this is obsolete.
Should this not then be relegated to a research topic? I think it would be reasonable to infer that candidates would not be tested on this during the exam!


  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    It is not obsolete, it is just that the ip command is more powerful. There is nothing harmful about ifconfig. Every distribution lets you install the ifconfig utilities without hassle. Even those of use who understand ip well sometimes use ifconfig as it is wired into our fingers and often produces a more readable output. I doubt the exams would demand its use but I have no real idea what they do. In these courses we don't just teach to the exam. You will find that many users and admins use ifconfig daily. Same thing for the way about the route command which is also replaced by ifconfig.


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