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Chaincode invoke function error


Error: endorsement failure during invoke. response: status:500 message:"error in simulation: failed to execute transaction caba7adb2fa3d1e927d2b248c60b3d78f33d4642bdd36e1d0cd5b52198f70047: could not launch chaincode simple_chaincode_1.0:5ffd1efdc22ac183ebc74834b2ac005ec18a76726da626afd3fbfe5c9360f9be: error starting container: error starting container: API error (404): network network_test not found"


  • Bobbijn
    Bobbijn Posts: 190

    @Kuldeep.narvekar, Let's see if we can resolve this issue. The most probable causes are:

    You have specified an incorrect path to the chaincode when packaging it.
    You have specified an incorrect language flag when packaging the chaincode.
    You haven't installed the chaincode on one of the peers.

    Please determine if any of the above issues can be causing the error. Bobbi


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