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How to define a DHCP IP that may be taken up anyone of defined MAC IDs?


In my CentOS DHCP Server, I have few host definitions like this -

host master1.cluster1 {
hardware ethernet 00:50:53:34:b5:b0;
fixed-address xx.21.12.121;
host master2.cluster1 {
hardware ethernet 00:50:53:34:b5:b1;
fixed-address xx.21.12.122;
host master3.cluster1 {
hardware ethernet 00:50:53:34:b5:b2;
fixed-address xx.21.12.123;

Now, I want to define another host definition like --
host virtual-ip.cluster1 {
hardware ethernet ;
fixed-address xx.21.12.124;

Can someone help me how to define a virtual IP host definition to achive the above desired result?



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