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mention of future changes in kubernetes v1.9


when was the last time this course was updated?

currently feel kinda torn on this course because

  • the information is good, and probably almost all of it is still valid but
  • the information in the course feels really dated

like this course was written a long time ago and then no one is coming back to update it. i know its a hard job because kubernetes is a really (really) fast moving project but talking about features like they're "new" when they've been in kubernetes since 2017? and this is like THE gateway cert for kubernetes?

its alright if the information that's given is still valid. i know theres a lot of stuff thats foundational and isn't going to change. thats fine. but for someone who's eat/lived/breathed kubernetes for the better part of the past 3 years (which i know is like 30 years in kuberentes time), this course has a dated 'feel' to it.

again, i'm glad this course exists, and i'm enjoying going through it, and thank you for putting the time and effort into it <3 please dont let it rot on the vine, people are spending $$$ on it :)


  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    This course received 4 updates in just 2021, the latest being version V2021-09-20. This corresponds to the release cycle of the upstream K8s software. Thus the information is not "dated". It is true that there are always a few things that may lag, and a term like "new" probably should be dropped in some places as time goes on, but that has nothing to do with the accuracy of the content. (In courses I work on, this not being one of them, I routinely grep the use of words like new and recent, or previously etc, but that is really more cosmetic than important.)

    The next release is I am sure in process as we speak (it always is in fact) and when students point out any inaccuracies or things that are obsolete, the course authors do read the forums so they will pick up on it and address issues as is appropriate.

    It is impossible to have perfection in a course on a fast moving subject with rolling releases. The K8s documentation itself suffers from these kinds of problems and one task of the course is to enlighten everyone on reality vs incomplete or misleading information. Thanks for being diligent.

  • thank you for the detailed response. i dont want to come across as whiny or negative, but if i could help improve the material, i would like to.

    is there a more appropriate place to submit suggestions?

  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    This is the best place to post things, even minor ones. You can save them up if you would like. We do get people that get nasty like they are off their meds, but even then get their comments addressed if they have reality in them. Politeness, however, is appreciated and helps get timely attention :)

  • i understand and i appreciate your responsiveness <3

    i'm definitely not trying to be nasty, i know people are busy and can't devote every waking moment to making sure every sentence is current as of 15 minutes ago. ive never written a course but i cant imagine its easy. and this course probably isnt the only thing the author is responsible for, either.

    again, thanks for all the hard work LFS people are putting into this training, its been a good experience so far, and i am learning new things :)


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