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Knowledge Check Question 3.3


System tells me that option C is the correct answer (Has terminated, but no other process...); does this then infer that all orphaned processes will eventually be adopted by PID = 1?
If not, could an orphaned process not also be in a zombie state?


  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    orphaned processes will be adopted by whatever process the kernel is using as the "child reaper" as it was called in Linux's early days :) but no more. For old kernels that was indeed PID=1 (init). (PID=1 is now systemd in recent kernels) For almost anything you would run today, the adopting parent is PID=2, "kthreadd" (kernel thread daemon) which exists for just this purpose. To be a zombie the process must have ceased execution but it won't be adopted until the parent goes to its grave as well.


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