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Ambassador has been renamed, link doesn't take you to the described project


In the "Design: Sidecar, Adapter, Ambassador and initContainers" lesson, there's a box for "Ambassador" which links to https://www.getambassador.io/ and quotes

"an open source, Kubernetes-native API gateway for microservices built on Envoy".

However it's not clear that the thing being talked in the box is actually an open source product originally developed as part of the cloud service that is being marketed on the linked page: you have to follow glancing references to Envoy to find the thing that's actually relevant to the lesson.

Perhaps the link should be to https://github.com/emissary-ingress/emissary, which is where the thing described in the box, and is also where that quote (or at least, the current version of it) lives:

Emissary-Ingress is an open-source Kubernetes-native API Gateway + Layer 7 load balancer + Kubernetes Ingress built on Envoy Proxy. Emissary-ingress is an CNCF incubation project (and was formerly known as Ambassador API Gateway.)

The whole box is a bit weird, because unlike the other examples which are categories, this one is a specific product call-out, and doesn't touch upon why it's done as an additional container. It might make sense to generalise this category somewhat as "overlay" or something, which would encompass Service Meshes, e.g., Istio, which uses an additional container in the Pod to achieve something similar.


  • TBBle
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    edited January 2022

    On this topic, I just noticed Exercise 5.3 refers to a log-collecting container as an "Ambassador container", but per the lesson above, it should be a a "sidecar" container. This exercise is referring back to Exercise 2.4, where it was described as a sidecar container.

  • akovi
    akovi Posts: 16

    IMHO this whole classification of sidecars is unnecessary. Istio talks about sidecar, Fluentd talks about sidecar, everything is practically just a sidecar (and in fact, a container in the pod) The Ambassador, Adapter (forced) convention is doomed for breaks as there will surely be new use cases. So, again it's my HO, but all should just be called sidecars, as other names do not necessarily clarify anything about them.


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