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The PSI closed and it didnt let me reconnect on the exam ever since. I hadnt even started.

theodoros Posts: 17
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today i had the exam, for a reason(switched screens).. the PSI browser closed and i didnt manage to go back (everything happened before i actually start the exam).

Is there a live chat or any way that i can talk to someont and sort this out asap ?

PS: i opened a ticket but this looks go very slowly, and i need to take the exams asap.

I assume i m able to re schedule the exam date.

I attach a screenshot of the PSI browser message, that i was getting after the close, for clarification.


  • theodoros

    Hi @fcioanca , today i received my 0% score, i dont know if that score was automatic because i was thrown out of the application just after the proctor finished the ID check.
    How can i have a score then ?
    Hadnt the proctor informed that we havent started the exam ?
    (I asked his permission to change to a larger screen and he agreed.)
    Kindly let me know, who else should i inform about what happened, so to sort it out.

  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,949

    Hi @theodoros

    The grading process is automatic, hence the grade you received. If you opened a ticket with the Linux Foundation Customer Support team at trainingsupport.linuxfoundation.org, they will assist you in rescheduling your exam at a later date. Please keep in mind that it may take up to 2 business days for them to reply, as tickets are addressed in the order received. If you did not open a ticket yet, please do so as soon as possible.




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