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6 API object > Statefulsets > what is identity?


There is a sentence in the chapter that goes like:

This identity remains with the node, regardless of which node the Pod is running on at any one time.

I simply don't understand it, can someone rephrase this or elaborate?


  • paristiz

    Hi, what I get from the chapter is that the pods deployed with statefulsets can't change their identity and it needs to be ordered, so the identity is made up with stable storage, stable network identity, and an ordinal; and that made up identifier does not change. It does not matter in which node the pod is deployed.

  • hansbogert

    The sentence just makes no sense, the normal documentation clearly states that the identity remains with the pod, not the node.

    StatefulSet Pods have a unique identity that is comprised of an ordinal, a stable network identity, and stable storage. The identity sticks to the Pod, regardless of which node it's (re)scheduled on

    In: https://kubernetes.io/docs/concepts/workloads/controllers/statefulset/

    Can someone just update this in the material? @chrispokorni


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