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Error: Unable to find a match: ossec-wui


While executing the "yum -y install ossec-hids ossec-hids-server ossec-wui" getting the error of unable to find a match: ossec-wui.
Any solution for this?


  • techinfozone

    yum -y install ossec-hids ossec-hids-server
    I think this is the command you are adding "ossec-wui" extra...
    May be this link will help you.

  • ankush3597

    Yeah I sorted that after removing the wui ossec package.

    This means lab manual requires review and updates.

  • ankush3597

    Also add more information for users who will performing this lab.

    On the OSSEC Server you need to open port 1514 udp for accepting the OSSEC client agent to be able to connect otherwise your lab would not work.
    I am using CentOS 8 for this testing and initially got puzzled on this. But after packet sniffs understood the actual reason.
    FYI, opening UDP port 1514 is not mentioned on the lab manual.

  • lee42x
    lee42x Posts: 380

    Hello, thank you for the input.

    Yes, the OSSEC-WUI was included at one time, then it became optional and now it seems to have moved or vanished. The lab will be updated.

    Firewall port 1514: The thought was to get OSSEC running without a firewall configuraration until the firewall chapter. Perhaps we can include the firewall-cmd directives to open the port and sudgest shutting down the firewall as a troubleshooting step. This will get reviewed.

    Thank you for the input. Lee


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