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Lab 5.4: crictl image deletion.


I am running the Ubuntu Virtual Box VM recommended by the course.

When I run the crictl remove image command, the command line says that two images are deleted (alpine and myalps). However when I run crictl images one of the images is still listed (myalps). I have attached an image of this.

I assumed that it was showing both images as being deleted because myalps2 is a tag of alpine. But this is misleading since only one image appears to have truly been deleted. Is this a quirk of crictl?


  • chrispokorni

    Hi @corey44,

    At the time the crictl rmi command was issued, was the localhost/myalps:v2 image being run by any container?


  • corey44
    corey44 Posts: 12

    @chrispokorni ,
    Good question. Looking through the all of the exercises in Labs 5.x, there is no step to explicitly start any of the container images. I don't remember starting it but maybe I was goofing around and took a little detour?


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