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LFD259 Lab 3.4


How does one go about performing this step?

"View the default page of the web server. When successful verify the
activity logs in the container log. The message
should look something like the following. Your time and IP may be different"


  • TBBle
    TBBle Posts: 13

    It's not actually mentioned or done in the labs before this point, but in the scripted k8s setup for the labs, you can talk directly to the Pod's IP or Service's ClusterIP address, e.g., what you see in the output of kubectl get pod -o wide.

    In the real world, this probably wouldn't work (You would never be doing these things ssh'd into a cluster node, and Pod IPs and Service ClusterIP are non-routable in common setups), and you'd need to expose a Service, e.g., a NodePort Service as done during the lesson 2 Labs.

  • mkevinmchugh

    @TBBle all true. This leads to the curl command. Then, the kubectl logs command gets to the output noted in the lab step.


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