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LAB 13.3: Adding tools for monitoring and metrics - Metrics API not available after 10+ minutes

I'm hands on with lab 13.3, at step 6 I've done everything with no issues (and I've already check twice every step); but in step 7 after 15 minutes waiting for a different output from the command "kubectl top pod" or "kubectl top nodes", I'm still getting the same:

error: Metrics API not available

Can anybody help me telling me if there is something missing in instructions?

Thank you in advance.


  • Hi @juanalmaraz,

    From your metrics-server deployment, can you provide the code snippet representing the container args and the image, similar to the snippet shown in Lab 13.3 step 5 of the lab guide? Typically typos in this section can cause issues with the metrics-server.


  • @chrispokorni I've got the same problem. This is the kubectl -n kube-system describe deployment metrics-server :

        Image:      k8s.gcr.io/metrics-server/metrics-server:v0.3.7
        Port:       4443/TCP
        Host Port:  0/TCP
  • Hi @zmicier0k,

    Since Kubernetes release v1.22 the metrics-server v0.3.x may no longer be compatible with latest releases. I would suggest installing the latest metrics-server release v0.6.x and at step 5 provide the following arguments when editing the metrics-server Deployment resource:

    - --kubelet-insecure-tls
    - --kubelet-preferred-address-types=Hostname,InternalDNS,InternalIP,ExternalDNS,ExternalIP



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