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my exam experience and any technical hardles

theodoros Posts: 17
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i recently gave the exams and i d like to raise some technical hardles that i faced and they slowed me down.
The issues are mainly 2 for me and i analyse them below.

  1. I have a 13" macbook pro, for my work and that is the laptop that i took the exams to. On that mac, is connected an external 24" monitor, in order for me to be able to work. But on the exams its not allowed to have a 2nd monitor, so i had to disconnect it. Since the remote desktop is so small on 13" screen, I asked from the proctor if i could connect the 2nd screen, and he agreed.
    So far so good. When i connected the screen i was getting a message that is not allowed, so i disconnected the 2nd screen from the mac, and boom, that caused the PSI browser to close and threw me out of the exam!..
    So, based on the above, it would be extremelly helpfull if we could connect a bigger monitor to a 13" mac(mirror), could we ? The proctor suggested me to speak to the technical support but i didnt have time during the exams.

  2. On the remote desktop that we connect, none of the, main, keyboard shortcuts were working, like: ctrl+s, ctrl+c, ctrl+v, ctrl+f. I m used to save my work with ctrl+s many times per minute but in this case i had to go file-> save each time. In the looong nodejs.org docs, its impossible to find something without the search command, so i quit that. For the copy and paste i was writing the same snipet again. :)
    So, based on the above, is there a way to have the above shortcuts enabled, on the remote desktop ?

These were the most important technical hardles that i had to deal with, during the exams.
If they can be fixed i ll be more than happy. :)


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